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All roadside service is NOT created equal.  The exceptional circumstances surrounding a breakdown or any kind of unexpected hauling issue, when you are transporting live animals, can become a challenge unlike any we experience in any other kind of travel mishap.  Unfortunately, most roadside service programs do not provide sufficient (or any) services to accommodate the specialized needs of the animals you are transporting or the unique needs you personally face during these unique and challenging situations.

In our experience, the most common (and frustrating) challenges faced by most people, when a roadside emergency – with animals – occurs, are:

  • PInsufficient education, by roadside assistance operators, regarding the needs of your animals and your equipment type
  • PInsufficient experience, by roadside service personal, with your equipment (i.e. horse trailers, etc.)
  • PInsufficient equipment or tools, to repair or transport your equipment
  • PLong response times, a frustrating series of phone system prompts and delayed dispatch timelines
  • PIneffective call center personnel or non-solutions oriented staff
  • PPlan coverage that does not address the higher costs associated with your required services
  • PLack of customer care or indifference to your stress and panic
  • PNo real plan to backup the many things that can go wrong, when faced with live animals…a broken down truck or trailer….and, an active roadway or desolate environment

EquiPro Roadside has made great strides in solving these problems, faced by so many of us over the years.  We are pleased to be consistently regarded as the most sought after and fastest growing animal-centric/recreational trailer-centric roadside assistance program in the United States.  With the industry expert (re: livestock, ranch, transport) ownership and operations team behind the principles of the company, EquiPro Roadside has been increasingly raising the bar of the service and overall performance standards for the rest of the competition to strive to meet.  We believe each member deserves the utmost attention and care, when those roadside emergencies happen…and they will happen.  The only unknown is….when and where.  But, once a roadside emergency does happen, the most pressing questions immediately become “Who will help me?” and “How fast can they get here?”

Trusting EquiPro Roadside with your safety and that of the valuable cargo you are hauling, makes the most sense.  EquiPro Roadside was built on the needs of the vast recreational and professional community that spans the experiences of those who move animals, and often times family members, from one location to another…many times throughout the year; to the casual members who may simply be those who go on random Saturday horse rides with groups of friends or those who spend their summers showing their animals at the county fair.  Whatever you are doing that requires you to pull a trailer, we are the roadside service of choice, for you.

When Quality Counts, Count on EquiPro Roadside:

  • PTo have Qualified, Knowledgeable and Efficient Service Providers
  • PTo have Service Providers Dispatched with The Right Equipment for The Right Circumstances
  • PTo have Accelerated Response Times
  • PTo have Nationwide (and Canadian) Coverage with a Substantial Provider Network
  • PTo have Comprehensive “All-Inclusive” Membership Coverage Options
  • PTo have Industry-Specific Trained Call Center and Customer Service Staff
  • PTo have Expanded Service Options, to Assist Members
  • PTo have the Highest Level Customer Care with Proactive Solutions-Oriented Personnel
  • PTo be Owned and Operated by Equestrians, Ranchers and Hauling Specialists