August 22, 2023

On the Road with EquiPro: Ensuring Safety for Equestrians and Their Valued Cargo

EquiPro Roadside


Traveling with horses is a unique experience, blending the thrill of the journey with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of your valued cargo. EquiPro Roadside, a motor club explicitly designed for equestrians, understands this intricate balance and offers services tailored to meet the unique needs of horse enthusiasts on the move.

More Than Just Roadside Assistance

While EquiPro Roadside provides 24/7 roadside assistance, their services go beyond helping stranded vehicles. Recognizing equestrians’ unique challenges, they offer comprehensive coverage for cars, trailers, and horses. Whether it’s a flat tire on a horse trailer or a mechanical issue with the towing vehicle, EquiPro ensures that the rider and their horses are cared for.

EquiPro: By Equestrians, For Equestrians

What sets EquiPro Roadside apart is its deep understanding of the equestrian community. Owned and operated by fellow equestrians, they know the importance of quick response times, especially when live animals are involved. Their expansive network of emergency service providers ensures that help is always available, no matter where you are.

Added Benefits: Tele-Med and AD&D Insurance

Understanding the broader needs of their members, EquiPro Roadside includes benefits such as Tele-med and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance in all of their plans. This holistic approach ensures that members have peace of mind, not just for their vehicles and horses but also for themselves.


Traveling with horses comes with its own set of challenges, but with EquiPro Roadside, equestrians can hit the road with confidence, knowing that they have a dedicated team ready to assist them at any time. EquiPro Roadside is the motor club of choice for those who live the equestrian lifestyle, ensuring safety, convenience, and peace of mind on every journey.

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August 22, 2023


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