Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does EquiPro Roadside cost?

There are three different membership options, beginning with a basic roadside assistance plan and expanding to a very comprehensive truck/trailer plan. Our plans begin at $129 annually, for vehicles not pulling trailers and $199 annually for truck/trailer plans.

When does my EquiPro Roadside plan become effective?

All EquiPro Roadside plan are effective 72 hours, after enrollment.

How will I know if my membership was approved?

You will receive a confirmation email, after your payment is processed, for your membership. The email will include your plan selection, your member ID, the participants you elected to include in your plan and the effective date of your plan. Your New Member Packet will follow.

How often do I pay an activation fee?

The activation fee is only paid at the initial enrollment or if your membership lapses more than 60 days, at renewal.

What is the distance allowed for towing?

You may select a plan that has a limitation of 125 miles or a plan that has unlimited miles

How does the emergency lodging/stabling benefit work?

If your tow vehicle is required to be in a repair facility overnight, we will assist in locating lodging facilities for you and stabling facilities for your horse (or other animals). We will provide options to assist you with your selection of available facilities.

How many services, per year, does my membership cover?

There is no set limit on the number of service calls. However, we will evaluate usage to determine if the membership is being used in place of normal maintenance, so we can assist the member with proper vehicle advice. If usage is unusually excessive, a limitation may be imposed on that particular membership or it may be subject to cancellation or renewal. To maintain proper pricing and the highest quality service responses, we will seek to remove service abuse, for the benefit of all other members.

How is EquiPro Roadside different than other competitors?

EquiPro Roadside believes there is no substitute for our absolute best, when you are in need of roadside assistance. We work with service providers who are constantly evaluated for their timeliness, efficiency, skill set and appropriateness of equipment, so that we can continue to properly support the confidence our members have come to enjoy, by being a member of Equipro Roadside.

Where can I use my EquiPro Roadside services?

All members of EquiPro Roadside can call for service anywhere in the contiguous United States and Canada. Our network of service providers is vast, though we will gladly secure service for you if your vehicle is disabled in an unlikely area void of network service providers.

Who is covered, on my plan?

Depending on the plan you choose, you can add a spouse, domestic partner or dependent children to age 25, as well as ranch/farm staff (i.e. ranch worker, trainer, groom, etc.)

Can I get a hard-copy ID card or is the ID card just available electronically?

We, immediately, provide you with an electronic ID card, as well as other detailed information. Immediately after that email, your hard-copy card and membership packet is mailed to you at the address you provided.

How do I get help when my vehicle or trailer is disabled?

Getting help during a roadside emergency is very easy. Simply call our toll-free roadside assistance number located on the back of your EquiPro Roadside member ID card or on our website. Describe your situation to one of our EquiPro Roadside Certified Service Advisors, all of who are specifically trained to answwer questions about the complexities surrounding horse trailers and the hauling of live animals; and how to handle these kinds of roadside disablement situations. Know the kind of truck you are driving and the type of trailer you are hauling, so we can be sure to send the proper provider and equipment to assist you…the first time.

Who will you call, in the area I am in, when I have a problem with my vehicle or trailer?

EquiPro Roadside accesses a network of over 28,000 service providers and repair facilities across the U.S. and Canada to provide towing and roadside services, in addition to the equine/livestock-specific service providers. The selected vehicle/trailer service provider is chosen based on how close they are to your location, if they have the proper equipment for your particiular vehicle and their availabiltiy for a timely dispatch.

Do I (or one of my covered family or staff members) have to be driving, for my membership to be valid?

No. The covered member does need to be present at the site of the vehicle/trailer disablement, for services to be valid through your membership program.

Do I have to be driving, or are services available for issues that arise on my own property?

Your EquiPro Roadside membership provides services, regardless of where they are needed…even if your vehicle is still in your garage or barn.

Is my membership valid in all my vehicles?

Yes. Your membership is not vehicle-specific. The membership follows the member, not the vehicle. We encourage you to identify your tow vehicle and your trailer, in your membership portal, to allow our roadside advisors to more quickly assess your needs and determine the most appropriate service provider.

Is my membership valid if I am driving someone else's truck or hauling someone else's trailer?

Yes. Your membership is not vehicle-specific. The membership follows the member, not the vehicle. We would encourage you to recommend our roadside assistance programs, to your friends, so your personal membership is not being excessively used for other people’s vehicle issues.

Do my children, spouse, domestic partner or staff members have any difference in coverage, since they are not the primary member?

No. Their membership is exactly the same as yours, if they have been included in your membership. You can add another member to your membership plan, at any time during your annual membership period.

Will you provide towing services for vehicles and/or trailers will animals inside?

Yes. We will tow a truck and/or trailer whether it is empty or loaded, regardless of the type of animal (live or deceased)

Do most roadside service providers provide towing services for live animals?

To our knowledge, a very small number of roadside assistance companies will provide towing services for trailers with live animals.

Why do towing companies respond to your calls quicker than your competition?

We pay our service providers fairly well, versus bullying them into low rates and unfair prices, so when EquiPro Roadside calls for service, our calls are often met with more favor and pushed to the top of the dispatch list.

Can the trailer be towed, fully loaded, with live horses inside?

Yes. If your circumstance, involves a trailer that is loaded with horses or other livestock, our service providers are equipped to safely tow the trailer with the live animals inside.

If I have the membership plan that includes my truck(s) and trailer(s), can I receive services if I am driving my car or simply not pulling a trailer.

Yes. Any licensed motorized vehicle is covered as a part of any EquiPro Roadside plans, excluding tractors and recreational sports vehicles (i.e. atvs, dune buggy’s, etc.). You do not have to be pulling a trailer, to be covered.

If I am pulling my boat, is my boat trailer covered?

Yes. Any type of trailer you are hauling, with your vehicle, is covered as a part of your EquiPro Roadside, as long as you are not hauling the trailer as a part of a commercial business.

If I am driving an RV or pulling an RV, is the RV covered?

Yes. Any licensed motorized vehicle is covered as a part of your EquiPro Roadside plan, excluding tractors and recreational sports vehicles (i.e. atvs, dune buggy’s, etc.). Additionally, any type of trailer or RV you are hauling, with your vehicle, is covered as a part of your EquiPro Roadisde plan, as long as you are not hauling the trailer or RV as a part of a commerical business.

Are there any types (or size) of trucks you will not include, as covered, in my membership?

No. All trucks, regardless of size or type, are included with your membership, as long as you are not driving them for a commercial business at the time of the vehicle disablement.

Will your roadside advisors understand what I am talking about, regarding the equipment I am using?

The Equipro Roadside advisor staff is made up of qualifed employees and management staff, who have extensive experience with horses and who have minimal or no experience with horses. All staff, regardless of prior experience, undergoes extensive training in various subject matters surrounding horses, other livestock, trailering and related towing… in addition to the normal roadside assistance training and certification. Our service providers are selected to fulfill the service request, based on the appropriateness of their equipment and incident-specific knowledge and experience. We strive to minimize the negative experience surrounding situations wtih ill-equipped service providers or untrained service advisors.

How quickly will someone come to help me, if my vehicle or trailer requires a roadside service call?

That is not a question that can be answered with any level of accuracy, as there are many factors (i.e. weather, road closures, service providers involved in a different call at the same time, etc.) that can affect response time for the arrival of a service provider. We do, however, focus our efforts on getting the appropriate service provider personnel to you as quickly as possible, with the least amount of wait time. We understand the stress, as well as potential danger, associated with any kind of vehicle breakdown; and we work very hard to alleviate those issues to the best of our ability and that of our service providers. When there is an extended delay, rest assured an EquiPro Roadside representative will stay in constant contact with the stranded member, to insure every opportunity to assist is initiated. To provide addtional peace of mind, during this kind of stressful situation. additonally, we include a second-person backup communication process, so your designated contact person is aware of your vehicle/trailer disablement and is updated on status, throughout the duration of the incident until you are back on the road.

What is commercial use of a vehicle?

Commercial use is defined as the use of the vehicle and/or trailer for pay or profit. “Haul For Hire” is considered a commercial use.

If I am transporting my friends' horses, for a weekend trailride, are all the horses covered for the noted emergency or stabling services, under my membership?

No. Only the primary member and other covered members’ horses are included in the horse-specific services. The same services can, certainly, be extended to the other parties’ horses, but would be at the other parties’ expense. If, however, your friend(s) are EquiPro Roadside members, of course they and their horses are covered for all services included in their plan.

If I have EquiPro Roadside, do I need to keep my other roadside assistance plans?

Your Equipro Roadside membership provides very comprehensive roadside assistance services. Therefore, continuing to pay for other roadside programs would likely be considered duplicate coverage. You should review your membership agreements, to make the most appropriate decisions for your coverage selections.

Is this insurance?

No. Roadside assistance plans are not considered an auto insurance contract or any other kind of insurance and does not comply with any financial responsibility laws. EquiPro Roadside is a roadside assistance plan that provides emergency roadside assistance and other equine/livestock-focused services.

How do I decide if I should choose this type of roadside assistance plan?

If you own horses or other livestock, travel with them, or are responsible for hauling your (or someone else’s)horses/livestock, you will likely want to have an EquiPro Roadside membership plan. Being stranded along a busy roadway or in a location away from home, with (or without) live animals can be very dangerous and put you in a very vulnerable situation. Having a service that insures there is someone coming to assist you, as quickly as possible, not only provides peace of mind, but helps to greatly alleviate the exposure to unnecessary danger and potential injury.

Do I have to be driving, or are services available for issues that arise on my own property?

Your EquiPro Roadside membership provides services, regardless of where they are needed…even if your vehicle is still in your garage or barn.

How do I sign up?

You can enroll in your EquiPro Roadside membership plan, through our website, at a certified horse trailer dealership, at one of the many horse shows around the U. S. or simply call our customer service number (800-382-1672) and a representative can initiate your membership over the phone.

Can I get my money back, if I decide to cancel my membership?

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We stand behind our service and guarantee your satisfaction, or a refund is returned to you. As a new member, you can cancel your membership within the first 30 days, from the date your membership start date, if you are not completely satisfied. If you have not used any membership services, 100% of your annual membership (minus the activation fee) will be refunded. If you are dissatisfied with the service and wish to cancel, after 30 days from the start of your membership and have not used any membership services, we will provide a pro-rated refund. All refunds will be returned to the same form of payment made for the membership. If you wish to cancel, after membership services have been used, the costs of the services will be deducted from the refunded membership fee. Please see your membership agreement, for directions to make refund requests.

If I don't have my member ID, can I still receive roadside services?

Yes. We encourage every member to carry their member ID card, so you are assured of having the number to call and your member information for efficiency of use. However, we can locate your membership information, with your name and zip code or date of birth.

What if my horse dies, during a traffic incident, while they are in the trailer I am hauling?

Your EquiPro Roadside membership provides assistance with contact and arrangement for large animal carcass removal, if the horse/livestock you are hauling sustains a fatal injury while you are hauling that animal(s).

I really like EquiPro Roadside. What else do you provide, to support the equine community?

EquiPro Roadside is a proud sponsor of the latest products that use cutting edge technology for the tracking and recovery of stolen motorized vehicles (including boats, atvs, etc.), as well as trailers. We, also, have a dedicated team and network of professional insurance agents and risk management advisors who can assist you with your equine, ranch and farm insurance needs, as well as the latest available medical, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits for the humans. Please review our website, for detailed information that may help you with services or products that serve your needs.

Do you have Corporate/Group Rates for companies and organizations?

Many organizations and groups have been adding roadside assistance memberships as a part of their enhanced benefits packages. Ranch/farm employers have, also, been adding the Equipro Roadside assistance plan to their company’s employee benefits program. To discuss the opportunities and benefits available for your organization, please contact our corporate office at 800-382-1672.

How do I know when a tow truck is coming?

Your EquiPro Roadside Service Advisor will be in contact with you, throughout the entire process, to be sure you remain informed each step of the way.