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EquiPro Roadside was born from the ongoing frustrations associated with “less-than-positive” roadside service experiences, our owners and key consultants had while traveling with varying types of livestock…horses, donkeys, cattle, sheep, goats and even a trailer full of geese for a movie shoot. It goes without saying, if you are using any kind of mechanical equipment, something will eventually break down. Of course, that happens more often than any of us would like to admit, when we are in our truck or SUV pulling any kind of trailer…but, especially when we are hauling horses or other live cargo. I think we can agree, the stress load we all experience, when something happens on the road and you have a trailer with live animals, is second only to that of an actual physical accident.

Our combined experiences over the years with lots of miles, included blown tires, wheels coming off, electrical system failures, hitch disconnecting, rear-ended by a distracted driver, cutting a corner too sharp and taking out a piece of the median, hydroplaning, stuck in the mud….and the list goes on.  This list may sound bad enough, but these were only the initial occurrences.  What happened after, was what was most important…the service effort to solve the problem and restore mobility.  That is where the frustration began. We have all had various roadside assistance companies, for just these types of situations.  Unfortunately, most of them could not help us as they would not send any kind of service assistance because we were hauling live animals.  We quickly found out, most roadside assistance companies do not provide service for drivers who break down and have a trailer attached with live animals.  That was eye-opening, under the worst of circumstances.  Friends and family quickly became our replacement roadside assistance “go to”.  As you can imagine, that is not a good solution, nor a fair expectation to impose on our friends and family members.

As a side bar, there were a couple of roadside assistance companies several of us had memberships with.  Though they promoted roadside coverage and assistance while hauling horses, the experience we had was not much better…just different.  If we could get someone to answer the phone, the operator often times did not know much about the subject matter (i.e. truck, trailer, horses)…and let’s not even talk about a return phone call.  The roadside service drivers, who were dispatched, were ill equipped to service our trailers and one was even afraid to do anything because he was afraid of horses…go figure.  None of this was helpful…just more frustration.

EquiPro Roadside, as a purpose-driven solution, was born from these countless experiences and wasted opportunities to problem solve.

Being ranchers, riders, exhibitors, transporters and business owners, we had experienced it all; and we could count on one hand, the good experiences.  We decided, it was time to make a change and provide a meaningful service that creates a positive user experience and provides the safety and confidence we all need when driving the roadways, with our trailers in tow.  We are very proud of the services we provide, the quality of our service provider network, the expediency with which we get things resolved; and above all else, we are proud of the confidence our membership has placed in us to provide the necessary and proactive solutions for the problems they and their family members risk experiencing every time they leave the driveway.

Our entire organization is a “feet on the street” team of professionals.  We are people who know the industry and live in the industry, every day.  We have experienced the pain and frustration, each of our members face when presented with an unexpected roadway breakdown or emergency.  We know what you need and strive to meet your expectations…and then some…

We are so confident in our commitment to delivering the most prompt and satisfying experience, we include a money-back guarantee.  If you have used your EquiPro Roadside services and do not feel EquiPro Roadside has performed properly, we will gladly provide a refund of your unused membership fee.  We stand behind our company, our service, and your safety, every day, 24 hours a day.

Thank you for joining EquiPro Roadside!