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24/7 Roadside Assistance for You and the Animals Who are Entrusted to Your Care.


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We offer the most comprehensive coverage available for your vehicle, your trailer, and your horses.

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Why Us?

EquiPro Roadside Motor Club stands apart.

Owned and operated by fellow equestrians, EquiPro Roadside cares about the horse and the rider. This is why we include benefits such as Tele-med and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance in all of our plans. We are a compassion-based organization that utilizes member feedback in our growth. We want to know about each of your experiences.

  • POwned + Operated by Fellow Equestrians
  • PExpansive Collection of Emergency Service Providers
  • PExpedited Response Times
  • PMost Comprehensive Coverage for Equestrian Enthusiasts
  • PNetwork of Qualified Providers
  • PCompassion-Based
  • PTele-Med and AD&D Included
  • PDesigned Around the Needs of Members
  • PMember Feedback and Requests Used to Improve Services
  • PExclusive Travel Benefits


How will I know if my membership was approved?

You will receive a confirmation email, after your payment is processed, for your membership. The email will include your plan selection, your member ID, the participants you elected to include in your plan and the effective date of your plan. Your New Member Packet will follow.

What is the distance allowed for towing?

You may select a plan that has a limitation of 125 miles or a plan that has unlimited miles

How is EquiPro Roadside different than other competitors?

EquiPro Roadside believes there is no substitute for our absolute best, when you are in need of roadside assistance. We work with service providers who are constantly evaluated for their timeliness, efficiency, skill set and appropriateness of equipment, so that we can continue to properly support the confidence our members have come to enjoy, by being a member of Equipro Roadside.

Who is covered, on my plan?

Depending on the plan you choose, you can add a spouse, domestic partner or dependent children to age 25, as well as ranch/farm staff (i.e. ranch worker, trainer, groom, etc.)

How do I get help when my vehicle or trailer is disabled?

Getting help during a roadside emergency is very easy. Simply call our toll-free roadside assistance number located on the back of your EquiPro Roadside member ID card or on our website. Describe your situation to one of our EquiPro Roadside Certified Service Advisors, all of who are specifically trained to answwer questions about the complexities surrounding horse trailers and the hauling of live animals; and how to handle these kinds of roadside disablement situations. Know the kind of truck you are driving and the type of trailer you are hauling, so we can be sure to send the proper provider and equipment to assist you…the first time.

Will you provide towing services for vehicles and/or trailers will animals inside?

Yes. We will tow a truck and/or trailer whether it is empty or loaded, regardless of the type of animal (live or deceased)

Do most roadside service providers provide towing services for live animals?

To our knowledge, a very small number of roadside assistance companies will provide towing services for trailers with live animals.

Why do towing companies respond to your calls quicker than your competition?

We pay our service providers fairly well, versus bullying them into low rates and unfair prices, so when EquiPro Roadside calls for service, our calls are often met with more favor and pushed to the top of the dispatch list.

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Why EquiPro Roadside

Learn why you should choose EquiPro Roadside to protect you when you are traveling with (or without) your horses.


Member Advantages

EquiPro Roadside Motor Club offers unique benefits and the most comprehensive coverage available.

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Plan Options

Explore our member plans to find the one right for your budget and needs.